small time storyteller


Real War: How Peter Jackson’s They Shall Not Grow Old Breathed Life into 100-Year-Old Archival Footage  Studio Daily | May 2019 by Matt Hurwitz

The making of Peter Jackson’s WWI documentary, ‘They Shall Not Grow Old’  San Francisco Chronicle | Jan 2019 by Allen Johnson

How Stereo D helped Peter Jackson relive and restore history  TVB Europe | Nov 2018 by Jenny Priestly

The Search for Camp Crystal Lake – an Interview with Vincent DiSanti Oct 2017 by Milton Adamou

Dream job: Meet a guy who worked on Mad Max: Fury Road | Interview

Stereo D Soaks Up The Pressure Quantel | Case Study

Stereo D Goes Big with Quantel Rio  Quantel | Case Study

Lost Ghetto Kids – an interview with Randal Kirk February 2013 by Milton Adamou

Stereo D Converts Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter to 3D Creative Cow Magazine | July 2012 by Debra Kaufman

Epic Scale Trailer for World Of Tanks Below The Line | September 2011

Dragonslayer: A New Approach to the Documentary  Quantel | Case Study

Moving in 3D: Kenny Chesney Summer In 3D  Post Magazine | May 2010 by Ken McGorry

DI in a Day? Proceed With Caution  Film & Video | March 2010 by Bryant Frazer

Colorists & DPs  Post Magazine | August 2009 by Christine Bunish

The Smell Of Success: Printing RED to Film  LightIron | Case Study

Digital Editing & Coloring in Three Dimensions  Editors Guild | October 2007 by Debra Kaufman

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